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The Surroundings

Canet de Mar


The town of Canet de Mar

Canet de Mar is a town on the coast of the Maresme, situated 42kms. (just over 26 miles) northeast of Barcelona in the province of the same name. It has a population of 14.583 inhabitants (2019) and extends over an area of 5,56 km² or 5.98 square feet. Its time zone corresponds to UTC+01:00.

It borders to the southwest with Arenys de Mar, west with Arenys de Munt, northeast with Sant Cebrià de Vallalta, north with Sant Iscle de Vallalta and finally, east with Sant Pol de Mar. Geographically it is situated in the maritime area of the massif of Montnegre and the hills of Pedracastell separate it from the municipality of Vallalta.

The municipality comprises the town of Canet, its administrative headquarters, the urbanizations, the castle of Santa Florentina and the Sanctuary of the Misercòrdia.

Compacted in the coastline mountain range, Canet can be drawn in steep slopes, wrapped in pools and gullies which make up previously unknown natural valleys through which torrents and streams glide towards big streams, freeing the water- eroded sand to the wide, diaphanous beaches characteristic of the coast of the Maresme.


The mountain

The coastline mountain range protects the population from northerly winds. We observe mild temperatures without any great contrasts between seasons and a mean annual temperature of 16°C / 60.8 °F. In summer temperatures reach 30 °C or 86 °F and in winter, it is unusual to descend to sub-zero temperatures and freezing is infrequent.

The Beaches

The beaches are made up of a sandy bottom due to the eroded rocks that form the subsoil in Canet. In all they are over 2km (over a mile) long, are flat and their medium width is of 70 metres (over 229 feet). They are basically made up of golden rough sand, pleasant and balsamic to the touch.
The beaches are easy to access on foot or by bicycle and are delimited by buoys at 200 metres or 656 feet. The depth increases gradually from a few metres from the shore and forms a platform at roughly 7 metres (under 23 feet) in depth into the first hundred metres of the sea.
The physiognomy of Canet is consequently both maritime and mountainous, made up of beaches and woods, rias and streams, coves and seashores, and either water or sand bound tourist routes.

Cultural Centre

With a grand textile, maritime and touristic past, it is also an important cultural centre with the church of Sant Pere, gothic in style (C16th), the Sanctuary of the Misericòrdia, neogothic in style (C16th) and with its modernist houses designed by Lluís Domènech i Montaner among others. Canet de Mar is the municipality which proportionally to its extension holds the greatest modernist heritage in the area.

The well-known architect, teacher, humanist and politician Lluís Domènech i Montaner lived and worked in Canet. It is here that works as relevant as the Palau de la Música Catalana, the Hospital of Sant Pau i de la Santa Creu in Barcelona were first conceptualised and defined. In Canet itself you can admire the Biblioteca or Public Library (the old Ateneu Canetenc) or the Casa Roura, converted into a restaurant, the Casa-Museu Domènech i Montaner, where the architect lived and worked, and a long list of modernist creations saddling the end of C19th and the beginning of C20th centuries. Among these the renovation of the Castell de Santa Florentina, an ancient fortified manor house restored in the C19th.


Canet de Mar - Camping Victoria
Canet de Mar - Camping Victoria
Canet de Mar - Camping Victoria
Canet de Mar - Camping Victoria
Canet de Mar - Camping Victoria
Canet de Mar - Camping Victoria


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