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Camping Victoria is situated in front of the Platja del Cavaió, which is one of the top beaches on the coast of the Maresme in terms both of the quality of its waters and of its physiognomy: it is wide and long and far from the town centre. Its sand is of a medium grain, neither fine nor stony, the ideal size.

The therapeutic effects of this sand are well-known. They offer your feet a gentle massage without being unpleasant whilst you enjoy the beach. It is the ideal sized sand to brush off quickly, it does not stick uncomfortably to the skin, once you decide to put your shoes on and leave the beach. It comes off easily.

Here you can observe the distance between the land and sea and the width of the camping’s beach. As you can see, it lies quite far off and acts as a shelter to the privacy and isolation bathers.

The beach on Camping Victoria is a perfectly harmonious environment for families. In addition to being a very safe beach, with no strong swell or dangerous marine species, the beach of Canet de Mar is of a good quality rating and has a permanent lifeguard.
Contrarily to many beaches in the Maresme, the beach on Camping Victoria is not overrun since it may not be reached by car and cars may not park in the Passeig or avenue.
The Passeig has leisure grounds for toddlers and younger guests, several spaces with swings, basketball nets, a callisthenics workout area and hopscotch. It is for all publics.

For older people lifelines are set in place each season, these are buoys on ropes that allow one to get into the sea without losing hold and are directed to those who can no longer swim on their own.

In the same way and following on from the geological exceptionality of the sand on the beach in Canet, the marine animal species which live on the seabed and evolve in this type of sand from Blanes to Vilassar have developed into delectable culinary subspecies. This is the case for the excellent rock lobsters and shrimps from Arenys or for date shells and clams.
If you are a shellfish lover please try a good dish of sea cucumbers in a local fish restaurant, you won’t be disappointed.

As a curiosity, we would like to mention that the sand that was used to create the beach of the riverbank of the Manzanares river in Madrid came from the Platja del Cavaió and was chosen for its magnificent properties, its lightness and softness on the beach before and after bathing. The native shellfish of the Maresme, however, did not fare well in their new destination.


Beach - Camping Victoria
Beach - Camping Victoria
Beach - Camping Victoria
Beach - Camping Victoria
Beach - Camping Victoria


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