Ecolabel Certification

Càmping Victòria contributes to environmental sustainability using organic cleaning products, certified with the European Eco-label Registration Number ES-EU/020/0000 (Ecolabel).

The following PDF document issued by a supplier gives validity to this certification: Ecoetiqueta Càmping Victòria (in Catalan)

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Details of the products used

The products used at Càmping Victòria for cleaning and disinfection have, among others, the following characteristics:

  • They include surfactants high biodegradability
  • They have an excellent washing after application minimizing the consumption of water
  • They do not contain phosphates
  • They are products of low toxicity
  • They do not contain phenolic ingredients, being free of chlorine and alkaline substances
  • They meet UNE Standards on disinfectant, bactericidal and fungicidal activity
  • They are approved by the Direcció General de Salut Pública i Consum for “environmental friendliness” and the “food industry” (HA)
  • They are products developed under the ISO 14006 Standard from ECODISSENY, considering and minimizint the environmental impact in their life cycle
  • They are Ecolabel Certified

The following PDF document details the products used and their safety and environmental improvement: ARS Càmping Victòria (in Catalan)

( you will need the PDF reader to read this document)

Green website

The datacenter where this website is hosted (Cyberneticos) performs various techniques to reduce energy and electricity consumption, uses systems that are not harmful to the environment, and uses a fire extinguishing gas that doesn’t damage the environment, among other enviromental measures. For more information: Cyberneticos.